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Neurodiversity First Aid


In this course, we discuss the fundamentals of Neurodiversity and how acceptance and understanding, is the only way forward. This course will benefit professionals in public services, as well as workplaces. What is required, is understanding and acceptance - not well meaning "therapies" that only seek to put the responsibility on the Neurodivergent person to change or adapt. The course covers the core of Neurodiversity and removes harmful misconceptions and outdated stereotypes surrounding autistic people. With an elevated mindset of understanding, relationships improve.

Welcoming Autistic Guests


Given our experience within the travel and leisure industry, we are aware that Neurodivergent people can encounter challenges when travelling or staying in homes that are not their own. This doesn't specifically apply to children, but adults too! This masterclass will provide innovative solutions to ensure that staff are fully equipped with high levels of understanding, acceptance and support for those who need it! 

Unearthing Autistic Talent
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This course is ideal for schools, training colleges and groups involving autistic teenagers. Entering the world of work can be daunting for those of us who are different. This course reframes the traditional thinking patterns surrounding neurodiverse people, which are often negative. This view will transform attitudes whilst opening hearts and minds.
Our Flagship Kimel Foundation Course
















We want to nurture an environment where employers and neurodivergent people can learn and grow together. With our signature 12 week program, we take young people through coaching/mentoring so they can proudly identify their strengths, and communicate them in a way that is both most comfortable for them, and that employers will understand. This programme places a shared responsibility on employers to ensure they can create the perfect environment to allow Neurodivergent people to thrive.

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