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Why Travel?

Urbanisation, crowding, noise, mass media, social media, technology, and the explosive growth of information all contribute to sensory overload. With so many environmental elements that affect an individual it is no wonder in today’s world that the body's senses experience over-stimulation from the environment.

We all have sensory sensitivity to one degree or another. Sensitivity occurs when the brain and the mind do not respond in the expected way meaning that this is a highly individual sensation. What bothers you may be totally acceptable to someone else and vice versa.

You may be wondering why travel? Is this a bridge too far? Do I really need the hassle?

Travelling is good for the health so decide a place now and pack your bags. Remember, you only live once, so start traveling to different places and get some life-altering experiences.

Our brand new innovative online course helping businesses to help you and accommodate autistic and anxious travellers will be available from the end of April 2021.

Before you take that first step to embark on your journey, everything is full of uncertainty. Sure, you might have read some articles, watched videos, or heard a thing or two from somebody else about a place. Maybe you have an itinerary set out. Maybe you’re joining a tour.

But we are here to help you - -email us for further details

But until you’ve lived, breathed, and seen a place in person, nothing else compares. Yes, books are useful for learning from someone else’s experiences, but they don’t capture the vividness and emotions that encapsulate your experience.

After visiting most continents, I can definitely say that every place is memorable in its own way. It’s interesting how, even if two people visit the same sights, they can have incredibly different experiences. The people, place, and things you encounter become your own.

Traveling is more than going to visit various points of interest. Instead, it’s about those unplanned moments that happen to you. A funny interaction with a street performer. Trading stories with a fellow traveler. Finding an interesting combination of foods that shockingly delight your taste buds.

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