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Unearthing autistic (ASD) talent

Would you like to employ an undiscovered genius? Think what he or she could bring to your company!

Maybe you're in HR and you possibly already have one? Or you are interviewing one.

Maybe you're a line manager and there is this one "troublesome" colleague

The question is, how do you identify this person?

How do you identify that hidden nugget of genius?

In his recent book "The Pattern Seekers" Sir Simon Baron Cohen argues that possibly autism is a necessary component of invention. Who else but an autistic would try over a 1000 times to invent a light bulb? (Thomas Edison)

In our course "Unearthing autistic talent" we show you how you can identify, nurture and support these people and so benefit everyone.

In this "New normal" that everyone is talking about post-pandemic, we need people who think outside of the box, so who better than someone autistic who thinks "What box?"

It was previously thought that 75% of autistic people have learning difficulties, but research has flipped that figure around completely - it has now been shown that 75% of autistic people do not have learning difficulties. All that is needed to take advantage of this wealth of wasted and undiscovered talent are a few simple adjustments. We will show you what these are in our course.

For more information, sign up to our FREE introductory launch on 30th April.

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