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Our mission is to identify, nurture and incubate the unexplored talent of autistic and neurodivergent people. We do this by implementing our CPD Accredited programmes with Neurodivergent People, Workplaces and Schools. Only 16% of autistic people are in paid employment - here at Kimel HQ - we dream of a world where this is higher. 




Kimel is a trusted resource for all neurodivergent and autistic people seeking employment whilst engaging employers. Using our own and third party academic and commercial research, we have developed innovative and cutting edge solutions to encourage companies to avail of the economic benefit of neurodiversity whilst giving the neurodivergent community a chance to shine in the workplace.

CPD Training



As an employer, do you want to know how you can explore talent within the autistic community? No problem. Our signature training and recruitment strategies will allow you to tap into this unrepresented talent pool

As a proud member of the neurodivergent community, do you want to gain more employment opportunities? No problem! With our training and development programmes, we can assist you to get the workplace opportunities you deserve.

Flagship Programme



We show the world that Neurodivergent people have talent! We do this through our  12 week Personal Development and Employability Skill Training programme. We get more Neurodivergent people into the economy, whilst building lasting relationships with employers. 

We champion Neurodivergent People to have the best opportunities to excel in life and business. We incubate that talent, in partnership with progressive businesses, to create truly nurturing and accepting workplaces. Do you want to be an innovative business that nurtures Neurodivergent talent? Get in touch with us at the contact form above.

"Kimel Solutions has the potential to make real and lasting change through their innovative employment and recruitment based training. The team know the need within their communities and are striving to get more neurodivergent people into the marketplace - bravo!" - Jude Morrow, Founder of Neurodiversity Training International.

Meet The Team


Nic Lander

CEO and Founder

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Chris Richards

Training Director

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